"A knowledgeable Doctor is of little help if the patients do not connect …
Multiple ways to connect with New and Existing patients

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    Doctor’s connect with Patients

    SPIRALS sets up a fully functional website for all on-boarded Doctors where their patients can connect with them Virtually. Platform sets up “Virtual Clinics” for the doctors, where they can connect with their patients digitally. Direction to the location of the doctor's clinic is provided by the system, based on the current location of the patient. This makes the patient aware of the estimated distance and time to reach the doctor.

  • Digital Visibility and Patient awareness

    Using SPIRALS Care provided website, doctors gets limitless features to promote themselves. They can upload an unlimited amount of photographs, contents, Blogs, search keywords etc. for the patients coming onto SPIRALS Care platform to find them. Furthermore, SPIRALS Care uses various digital marketing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest to shine a light on the doctors.

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    Promoting wellbeing

    Doctors can write blogs based on their expertise and experiences. Such blogs will be posted on the SPIRALS Care website. If preferred by the doctor, a link to the blogs will automatically be published to the patients through text messages. Doctors can also publish their small Videos talking about reasons and resolutions of medical conditions and spread wellness messages to the Patients and the society.

"The world of Virtual Connectivity saves Patient’s time and efforts …"
Patient’s lounge is new Virtual Clinic


Appointment booked through SPIRALS

by patient will give a different level of experience to the patient and Doctor. Patients can request for Tele-Medicine Video consultation with their Doctors and connect with them for minor medical severity situations like revisit or discussing Laboratory reports etc. Best part is that these consultations are accommodated to the Doctor’s availability. Based on Doctor’s availability and Patient’s booking slot, Doctor can call patient through system.


The Situation of Covid-19

or any condition where it is not possible for Patient to come to Clinic, Tele-Medicine solution by SPIRALS provides a seamless solution and experience to the Patient and Doctor. Process goes as follows: Clinical Coordinator will call up patient, verify information and collect Co-Pay. Doctor would call his/her Patient for consultation and if needed, a revisit will be scheduled accordingly.


The patient’s amazing experience

with the doctor using SPIRALS Care would invite more patients in their clinic. After all, it saves the hassle of getting ready, driving and waiting in the clinic lounge with other patients. Doctors can request patients for their testimonials and the experiences of such patients and their attendants will be shared and submitted on SPIRALS Care website to show the process’ effectiveness.


"Information Technology is certainly a tool to optimize every data process…"
Manage clinical data on the fingertips

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    Patient management

    needs a very effective way to collect, handle and process various information like appointments, revisits, time spent per consultation and so on. This information is available in all clinics today. However, there is no proper tool to process it and present it to doctors in its simplest form. Spirals Care provides that consolidated view for a better experience.

  • Handle multiple clinics

    on the single screen of the app or web-based doctor’s dashboard. Get live stats about patients in the clinic. These reports provided by SPIRALS Care cover a lot of important information about the patient.

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    Know your calendar

    and plan activities accordingly. In unexpected situations, where the doctor’s schedule changes due to emergencies, the SPIRALS Care system identifies impacted appointments, notifies patients and helps the clinic coordinator reschedule by connecting with patients. It also allows patients to select video consulting through SPIRALS Care Tele-Medicine solution.

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