"Health Information, Personal Information and Data Security …"
Key component of any Healthcare System

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    keeps minimal medical information about the patient to improve his/her interactions with the Clinic Coordinator and doctor. If the patients are not comfortable, they may decide not to fill and store this information on the platform. However, to ensure safety for the patients who do,, all data transactions in the system happen through 256 Bit encryption to eliminate any sort of hacking possibilities.

  • Login based access

    to the platform safely allows patients to have access to their information and records anytime and anywhere. If any patient is in the system and attending their appointment, there is some information required to be stored for future references. All of this information will be stored under authorities and are only accessible through the login ID and password/one-time security code.

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    Patient Information

    can be accessed by Patients and their Doctors. However, since it is Patient’s information and Doctors need this information for treating the patient, it is up-to patient if he/she wants to share information with any particular Doctor or not. Patients can assign access or revoke access of any Doctor from their medical and non-medical information and records

Flexibility is the most celebrated aspect of almost anything around …
Flexibility to connect with platform is awesome


Connect from Anywhere at Anytime

as long as there is internet accessibility. Multiple ways to connect to any account … be it Patient or Doctor helps everybody a lot. Web based login for computers, Responsive web to open it in browser of any mobile or Tablet or iPad, Android and iOS Apps to access the platform from anywhere.


Web based Login

allows patients or Doctors to login from any computer or Laptop. A simplified Sign-up process makes the system very comfortable for any patient who is visiting a SPIRALS Care site for the first time. System needs just few clicks to create an account and the same account is operable from all different devices and browsers


Cross Platform integration

helps people to connect with SPIRALS Care as per their needs and available facility. All interfaces are almost similar and helps patients not to get confused while migrating from one platform to another. Vision is, Patients should be able to connect to Doctors from any device, own device or Borrowed device in the case of urgency and emergency.


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